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Conservative Home on the Immigration White Paper (31 January 2019)

Immigration policy must be made for everyone – not just for bigger business

The conclusion – “But the long-term trajectory should be clear – lower inflows.  Javid must show a clear pathway to them”- suggests that Paul Goodman has not read the government’s White Paper with care.  

This impression is reinforced by a comment “But the fundamental question is how high-skilled work is to be defined.  Graduate level is one thing. A level is another, as is NVQ.”   Page 117 of the White Paper contains a chart headed “Figure 2: What are high-skilled, medium skilled and low-skilled occupations, based on Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) Levels? “   High skilled is defined as  RQF 6+ – “degree level or above”.   So your “fundamental question” is answered and answered unambiguously.   Rather alarmingly, the examples of high skilled workers include “Advertising/PR directors” – so the door will remain open to lobbyists.

Reverting to my opening on the article’s concluding paragraph, the trajectory set out by the Home Secretary is very clear.   The White Paper contains substantial analysis and assessment of the impact of the policies it announces.   Paragraph 56 of the White Paper sets out a precise estimate for the impact of changes for skilled workers in the paper: “An 80 per cent reduction in inflows of long-term workers from the EU and the European Economic Area.”

This diary piece falls well short of the standards usually displayed by the Conservative Home Diary.  ϒ— , I fear, Paul

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